• How do I care for my furniture?

Although our products come finished with some of the toughest finishes you can have on your furniture, routine measures should still be taken to enhance the effectiveness of the finish and the beauty of the furniture. All furniture should be cleaned with a soft damp cloth. Make sure the surface is not subjected to an over abundance of water. We recommend any reputable name brand furniture polish to help prevent the wood from drying out.

  • Can I buy directly from Intercon if my local dealer doesn’t have what I want?

Intercon doesn’t sell directly to consumers. Our authorized dealers can special order products they don’t currently stock in their store.

  • Can I order replacement parts for my furniture?

Yes. Missing/damaged parts can be ordered through the store the furniture was purchased.

  • Can I order additional leaves for my table?

We are unable to replace table leaves because each table is unique to the leaf that fits it.